The wide innovation coverage in the book reflects Vinnie Mirchandani‘s varied technology experiences and rolodex. It builds on 150+ interviews with innovators in infotech, cleantech, healthtech and biotech. It draws on his innovation blog, New Florence. New Renaissance. which has cataloged over 2,000 innovative technologies, companies and projects in over 40 technology categories from mobile computing to nanotechnology. The book also reflects a global perspective from his travels to nearly 50 countries.

He is President of Deal Architect Inc, a technology advisory firm. The firm helps clients take advantage of disruptive trends like cloud computing and business process outsourcing (BPO) before they go mainstream. Between this firm and previous role at the technology research firm, Gartner he has helped clients evaluate and negotiate over $10 billion in technology contracts. The Black Book of Outsourcing has recognized his firm as one of the top boutique advisory firms. He writes another blog, Deal Architect which focuses on waste in technology and has been rated by Industry Standard as one its favorites.

He spent his early career at Price Waterhouse, first as an accountant, then as a technology consultant (that division is now part of IBM). He has been quoted in most major technology and business publications, and he has presented at a wide range of industry events. He went to school and qualified as a CPA in Texas prior to his technology career.

When he is not on a plane, Tampa, FL is now home. His wife, two teenage kids and beagle are frequent “sufferers” of his endless stories of technology innovation and waste.

A brilliant read. In order for individuals and companies to fully maximize new century opportunities—and stay abreast of a constantly morphing technological frontier—Mirchandani not only gives examples of the polymath framework but concrete evidence for successful leveraging. Thanks to technology, we can all be polymaths if we open our minds to the possibilities. Consider this book your guide—I think da Vinci would be proud.

Linda Avey