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Part I: Sprezzatura: The Art of Making the Complex Look Easy
Chapter 1: The New Polymath: In An Age of “Wicked Problems” and Technology Abundance
Chapter 2: Modern Day Dark Ages: So Much Stagnation
Chapter 3: Polymath Profile # 1: General Electric

Part II: The R-E-N-A-I-S-S-A-N-C-E framework:
Building Blocks for the New Polymath

Chapter 4: Residence: Better Technologically Equipped Than the Office
Chapter 5: Exotics: Innovation from Left Field
Chapter 6: Polymath Profile # 2: Cognizant
Chapter 7: Networks: Bluetooth to Broadband
Chapter 8: Polymath Profile # 3: Plantronics
Chapter 9: Arsonists (and Other Disruptors)
Chapter 10: Polymath Profile # 4: WR Hambrecht + Co
Chapter 11: Interfaces: For All Our Senses
Chapter 12: Sustainability: Delivering To Both the Green and Gold Agendas
Chapter 13: Polymath Profile # 5: Kleiner Perkins Cleantech
Chapter 14: Singularity: The Man-Machine Convergence
Chapter 15: Analytics: Spreadsheets, Search, and Semantics
Chapter 16: Polymath Profile # 6: National Hurricane Center
Chapter 17: Networks Again: Communities, Crowds, Contracts, and Collaboration
Chapter 18: Clouds: Technology-as-a-Service
Chapter 19: Polymath Profile # 7:
Chapter 20: Ethics: In An Age Of Cyberwar And Cloning

Part III: Grooming Your Own New Polymath
Chapter 21: Polymath Profile # 8: BP CTO
Chapter 22: Moon Shots for Budding Polymaths

Bravo! In a work that’s fresh and inviting, Mirchandani shares with us his case studies in innovation and creativity. It’s no small irony that the “IT revolution” has created a technology industry that all too easily falls back on bromides and received wisdoms; Mirchandani inspires us to return to IT’s roots, with the transformative power that comes from putting technology innovation in service to business and society.

Benjamin Fried